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Participation Information and News Features

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We and many of our associates in the Harrow Patients' Participation Network strive to bring issues of health importance into the open.  On this page we will be featuring such initiatives and will maintain and archive of these as information news comes along.
The Primary Care Awards 2020                                                (added 11 January 2020)


The North and West London Faculty of the RCGP is pleased to announce that we are planning a major awards ceremony celebrating excellence in primary care in the North West London area.

We think that patient volunteers should be celebrated for the efforts and impact they make. So, we are honoured to present the Patient Participation Group Award 2020
Self-nominations are welcome, but it would be great, if you can get your practice to put your group forward.

The lifetime achievement award is open to anyone who has dedicated their life to primary care and who is an inspiration to others.
The other awards that you maybe interested in making a nomination for, are:

• General Practitioner of the year (2020)
• Practice Nurse 2020
• Health Care Assistant Award 2020
• Receptionist Award 2020
• Practice Manager Award 2020
• Practice team of the year 2020

Patient Participation Group Leadership Training Day                (added 21 November 2019)

The NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG produced a presentation and slide show for this training day.  The day covered a range of topics and practical exercises.  The topics included:

What does Healthwatch do?
What does the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) do?
What is the patient’s role?
What else should I know about?
NHS Long Term Plan: what does it mean for me?
Why the NHS needs service users, patients and carers to get involved.

You can view the slides used by clicking on this link: Final Patient Leadership training slides.  You need Adobe Reader to view this file.
Harrow Carers                    (added 27 September 2019)
Do you care for someone? - A relative, neighbor or friend?
Harrow Carers can help with training, support and advice.

For a copy of our 'A Guide for Carers in Harrow' contact or phone 02088685224

Integrated Care Newsletter                                                 (added on 28 Februsry 2019)

The Integrated Care Programme newsletter will be published regularly and will provide important updates and news to all those interested in the day-today running and implementation of the programme. To share news, experiences or thoughts with the wider team as part of this newsletter, or to give us your comments and feedback, please contact us at

The first newsletter from the Integrated Care Programme team in Harrow can be viewed by clicking on this link.
NHS Harrow CCG. Latest survey results  (July 2017 publication)       (added on 16th September 2017)

The GP Patient Survey (GPPS) is an England-wide survey, providing practice-level data about patients’ experiences of their GP practices.
  • This survey was administered on behalf of NHS England by Ipsos MORI.
  • For more information about the survey please refer to the end of this slide pack or visit
  • The slide pack can be found here and presents some of the key results for NHS Harrow CCG.

The GP Patient Survey measures patients’ experiences across a range of topics, including:
  • Making appointments
  • Waiting times
  • Perceptions of care at appointments
  • Practice opening hours
  • Out-of-hours services
LMCs launches new PPG resource for practice teams and patients                 
(added 2 July 2017)
Londonwide LMCs is celebrating PPG Awareness week with the launch of a new web page offering patient engagement information and resources for practice teams and PPGs.    Please take a look by visiting

Don’t miss our new toolkit 'Setting the future framework for your PPG', produced in collaboration with the Patients Association and accessible on the new patient engagement resources web page.  The toolkit outlines a straightforward process to support practice leads in patient participation when working with PPG members to review the current focus and structure of their PPG and develop and act on PPG priorities for the future.

Please also take the opportunity to share your learning and top tips on PPG development with peers via the resources page.

I hope you find the web page useful. Please mail us on to let us know what you think of it.
Focus on Dementia                                                                   (added 20 June 2017)
Linda Matthews, Alzheimer’s Society Services Manager

Last year, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is responsible for planning and buying health services needed for people in Harrow was forced to cut its services due to budget restraints. As a result, a wide range of dementia services are no longer available for local residents.

Before these cuts were made, Alzheimer’s Society managed services which supported people living with dementia in Harrow for over 18 years. Today, the Society has no funded services in the borough, which means a limited level of support is available for people affected by dementia.

There are over 2,500 people living with dementia in Harrow and many more who are affected by the condition in some way. So it is vital we unite and take action now.

Linda's full report can be read by clicking here

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